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    Alisho dependable insurance  agency is an independent insurance agency founded in 2010. That time was the historic moment in united State and around the word for being a time of economic crises. Crises that  took five years period, dedicated economic intelectuals, huge sacrifieses of individual and businesses , specially political leaders that took unpopular risk to turn around the economy of united state. During this historic moment owner and founder of this agency shared his own part in esatbilishing new business that was unthinkable againest all odd  of the time of economic crises.  The confidence, determination and believe in the future that the founder had at that time made possible for ADIA to be able to serve insurance product Minneapolis and all around it. Today ADIA is One of the insurance agency  serve in insurace industry. ADIA   serve in property and casuality line of businesses for businessses and individuals. Our dedicated dependable staff is ready to serve you humanity intigirated inurance policy processing services. 






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